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 The activiteten Project Services BV (BV PSI) consist of exercising an employment agency and the contracting of work in the broadest sense, this last particularly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  Customer focus, reliability, professionalism and proactivity are central to our thinking and doing.  We support our customers with the check and supplement their staffing needs in major maintenance projects and new construction projects in the industrial, construction and petrochemicals.  Here we look at the needs of the customer and make from there the best match between the right person and the right job / project.


  Reliable, committed and enthusiastic

  CEO Rieta Gorissen of the current PSI BV was founded in 1998. Through the years, she has distinguished itself through the efforts of motivated and committed employees who know what they are talking.  Customers choose PSI BVomdat they can be provided to staff at their peak need for flexible deployment of personnel.


  Besides broadcasting shortly Match can in the longer term employees lend in the form of secondment.  Depending on the demand and need of the customer looks at the best way to bet and the matching conditions.  In all cases, that value is delivered: the knife must cut both ways.

  All our clients are dealing with projects where quality is a key factor to realize their work successfully.  Match a contribution to this supply by deploying professionals who deliver quality.  For a sustainable inleenrelatie between customers and employees that you're more than satisfied, please contact match.


  Why choose our employees for MATCH?

  Match is affiliated with association NBBU .  Thus our agency within the scope of collective agreements for temporary workers.  Based on this, our employees can count on a correct and timely weekly pay, decent housing, challenging jobs with renowned clients and training opportunities.  An employee who is willing to invest in the future will find a good start to match.

  We think in the future ambitions and development capabilities of the hired workers on the basis of one-on-one conversations with contacts.


  Professionalism at Match out by tracking and applying current knowledge of developments in the various sectors and of course all the new laws and regulations regarding the flexibility of labor also in an international perspective.  To this end, people follow our courses, they visit relevant knowledge meetings, go actively seeking knowledge by consulting knowledge bases and our now international network of external consultants.


  In short, at Match International BV will benefit from security!





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 Contact information:


 Ms. Rieta Gorissen - CEO



 Email: Rietagorissen@outlook.com


 Tel: +31 (0) 6 55,414,522


 Office Geleen, NL:


 Email: uitzend-detacheringen@outlook.com


 Tel: +31 (0) 85 4.87438 million






  People PSI BV are employed in various sectors.  Each sector has its own concerns.  For example, in the scaffolding safety, the first priority.  We are working for this, therefore, only with staff who can properly and safely perform the work.  Both the construction of a jetty as its timber is used and requires certain professionals.


  Below you will find an overview of a number of sectors in which we have a lot of experience and the positions in which employees regularly employed.






  plate erector

  cable Technician




  insulation Fitter





  concrete Carpenter


  steel bender





  Roof and wall mounting:

  Plaster Wall Mechanic



  Of course we are always open for the performance of functions which are not included in the above list!


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 CEO Ms. Rieta Gorissen






  As you can read elsewhere on the site, is at PSI BV quality of paramount importance.  Hence our company VCU 2011/05 certified.



  Match International BV operates according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard.



  Match International BV is in possession of the certificate ISO 4400-1 and operates according to the rules of this standard.  Because of this, the company is reliable for both you and inleenbedrijf and our employees working with you!


 SCC As you can read elsewhere on the site, is at PSI BV quality of paramount importance.  Hence our company VCA * ​​2008 / 5.1.  certified.




  VCU, VCA and ISO WordEm audits performed by certification body AJA Registrars NEN audit is performed by the certifying body, VRO Certifcation BV.